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About Evolve

Award winning digital agency + $50 flat mac & pc Repair co.

We bring a personal and effective approach

to every project we work on,which is why

our clients love us

and why they keep coming back.

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A true artist

is not one who is inspired,

but one who inspires others.


Our Services

We have a unique

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us to offer such a diverse

range of services.


Evolve Design LLC  –  A New York CITY – PHILADELPHIA – LA web design & Computer Repair company focusing on custom website development, web presence management, mobile website development and Systems Development   In 2003, three technology professionals – a programmer, a designer, and a system architect – came together to create, Evolve, the premiere full-service web design & COMPUTER REPAIR COMPANY in New York CITY, NY which opened their doors to the public in Philadelphia, PA in 2007. .. 2014 MARKS A NEW DECADE AND NEW ORLEANS, LA WELCOMES EVOLVE WITH HEART & CHARM.  

They were tired of expensive, low-quality service providers who finished jobs off budget and beyond deadline. They were tired of unimaginative design decisions and visuals. They were tired of the status quo. Their mission was simple: to create amazing, high-quality websites and low cost Mac/PC & EXTERNAL DEVICE Repairs for their clients.


Our company began as a full service LOW COST COMPUTER REPAIR agency but over the first six months EVOLVE Design brought on many experts in E-commerce website design and web development, application development for mobile devices, creative design and brand development strategies. This helped us to become a small but successful boutique agency in NYC PA & LA WE define ourselves more broadly as a full service COMPUTER REPAIR, branding and web development co.




Intelligence without ambition

is a bird without wings.


$50 Flat Mac/PC

YOUR All inclusive repair CO.

WINDOWS / OSX /LINUX /ANDROID / IOS Support Continue Reading…



Evolve is the city’s most trusted computer services company. Computer repair isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. Over the last decade, we’ve gotten a reputation as the premier PC doctor because of our Mac/PC repair skills. We’re here to help the customer because we know you come first. And here are some of the reasons why you should check us out!

Get a second opinion from us

Time after time clients were told it was their motherboard, which needed to be replaced & far too many times… This was not the issue.

What is your normal time for repairs?

Typically we make free diagnoses on the spot. We will provide an estimate via email. Once we receive authorization to complete the repair, we will finish the unit within 24 hours if we have the part.

Terms of payment?

We have flexible payment options. We accept cash and PayPal for credit cards.

What is your warranty?

Our repairs are backed with our labor warranty. If repairs are not to your satisfaction Evolve will fix your initial issue within our 5 day from pick-up policy. Repair of water damage equipment comes with no warranty. Software problems have no warranty. Some parts, such as hard drives, may have a longer warranty through the manufacturer.

Why should I use Evolve?

We are experienced, honest, and We complete repairs more efficiently than other facilities. Beware of facilities offering lower hourly rates as they may bill you more hours to compensate for the lower rate. Our goal is to satisfy our customers!! – We have certified Professional Technicians with (BA in Computer Science, CompTia, & Microsoft) who are honest and sincerely care about our clients.

Where do I drop off my computer?

We offer local pick-up of your equipment as well as local on-site computer service in your home or office. You can also call:


Call: NEW ORLEANS 504 684 4600
Call: NEW YORK CITY 347 333-3330
Call: PHILADELPHIA 215 645-4700
Mobile: LOS ANGELES 213-294-5265


Computer viruses should count as life.

It says something about human nature

The only form of life we have created so far

is purely destructive.

We’ve created life in our own image.

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